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First Stage
22 (Fri) - 24 (Sun) November, 2013
Second Stage
25 (Mon) - 27 (Wed) November 2013
Final Stage
30 (Sat) November, 2013
Final Stage Concerto will be performed with
Conductor : YAMASHITA Kazufumi
Orchestra : Tokyo Philharmony Orchestra
Award(s) Ceremony / Prize winner’s Concert
1 (Sun) December, 2013
Hachioji City Art & Cultural Hall (Icho Hall)
 Main Hall:First Stage,Second Stage
       Award(s) Ceremony and Praize winner's Concert

Hachioji City Hall (Olympas Hall Hachioji)
 Final Stage
The Gaspar Cassado International Violoncello
Competition Organizing Committee
- City of Hachioji
- Hachioji College Community & Culture Fureai Foundation
- NPO Cello Concert Community
Hachioji Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Ministry of Foreign Affairs
Agency for Cultural Affairs
Tokyo Metropolitan Goverment
Honorary President
ISHIMORI Takayuki Mayor of Hachioji City
Executive Committee
MIYAKE Sozo (President)
President, Hachioji College Community & Culture Fureai Foundation
ICHIKAWA Kazuhiro (Vice President)
Chairman, NPO Cello Concert Community
AOKI Noriyuki
Vice Chairman, Cyber Silk Road Hachioji
Chairman, Hachioji City Federation of Shopping Centers
ITO Junko
Chairperson of the board, Hachioji Bunka Renmei (Cultural Federation)
ITO Norihiko
General Manager, Resident Activities Promotion Division of Hachioji City
Advisor, Studio Santa Corp. and President
KOURA Harumi
Section Chief, College Community and Culture Section,
Resident Activities Promotion Division of Hachioji City
Secretary General, Hachioji College Community & Culture Fureai Foundation
General Manager, Value Creation Department, The Tama Shinkin Bank
OKAZOE Kensuke
Chairman, Hachioji International Association
OKUMA Makoto
Executive Director, Hachioji College Community & Culture Fureai Foundation
SHIMIZU Nobuhiko
President, Nippon Energy Corporation
SHIONO Yoshimitsu
Secretary General, Hachioji City and Town Resident’s Association
UCHIDA Suminori
President, Hachioji Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Administration General Producer
Music Producer, President Centre de Recherche des Echanges
Musicaux Internationaux
Chairperson of the first Cassado International Violoncello Competition

The Gaspar Cassado International Violoncello Competition Organizing Committee will host the Competition, which will be held in Hachioji City, Tokyo, from 22 November to 1 December, 2013.


The Organizing Committee will assign an Administration
General Producer and a Secretariat, who will be responsible for the planning and running of the Competition.
A Committee of Experts and a Jury will be organized
each time the Competition is held.The Committee of
Experts will be comprised of prominent Japanese musicians. Likewise, the Jury will be comprised of musicians
in Japan and abroad. Names of juries in charge of
the screening will be kept confidential.


The Competition is open to cellists of all nationalities born after 1985.
All applicants are required to complete the officail application form and submit it to the Secretariat together with the documents and DVD listed below.

Send to:
Secretariat of "The Gaspar Cassado International Violoncello Competition Organizing Committee"
1-29-3, Motoyokoyama-cho, Hachioji, Tokyo
192-0063 Japan
Tel: 42-631-0705
Fax: 42-631-1205
  1. A photocopy of your family registration, birth certificate or other official document certifying the applicant’s birth date. (Copy of passport is acceptable)
  2. Two recent photographs in color ( 9×12cm maximum)
    (photographs in digital format can be acceptable)
  3. A recorded DVD of the applicant’s performance of two works selected from A to C below, one of which must include A.
    1. One of the listed following
      Johan Sebastian Bach
      Prelude and Sarabande from the Unaccompanied
      Cello Suites,
      No.4 E♭major
      No.5 c minor
      No.6 D major
    2. Franz Joseph Haydn
      1st movement from cello concerto in D major Hob. VIIb/2
      (Cadenza: Contestant’s free choice)
    3. Franz Schubert
      1st movement (Allegro moderato) from the Sonata Arpeggione in a minor

*Recordings taken more than a year prior to 25 May, 2013 will not be accepted.

Application Deadline

Applications must be submitted to the Secretariat, postmarked no later than 25 May, 2013.

Applications received after the closing date will not be accepted except under special circumstances as considered appropriate by the Organizing Committee.

The Organizing Committee will set up the Committee of Experts to screen and determine the final result of the application. All applicants will be notified whether or not they have been accepted for the competition no later than 20 June, 2013.

Entry Fee

Accepted applicants must pay an entry fee of 20,000 JPY (Japanese Yen) to the bank account shown below by 15 September, 2013.

  • Mizuho Bank, Hachioji Branch
  • Swift Code: MHBKJPJT
  • Ordinary Account Number: 1059862
  • Account Name: Gaspar Cassado International Violoncello Competition

Succesful submission of the entry fee will conclude the application procedure and confirm the accepted applicant's entrance into the Competition and he/she is considered to agree to the conditions stated in this brochure.

Participants are responsible for any bank charges with regard to the payment. The entry fee is nonrefundable in any circumstances.

Travel and Accommodation

Travel expenses to and from Hachioji are solely responsible by the domestic contestants.
However, non-Japanese contestants from abroad who are non-residents in Japan will be provided with financial aid for international transportation.
Contestants will be provided whichever lower US$500.00(from Asian regions) or US$1,000.00 (from other regions) or economy-class round trip airfare from the nearest international airport in the residing country. Financial aid will be calculated based on the country of nationality.
The contestants are accommodated to stay at a dormitory (with breakfast) with free of charge that will be arranged by the Organizer. Contestants are responsible for all accommodations and travel expenses for their accomapanist.
All contestants must arrive in Hachioji and sign up in person at the Secretariat office by the time for the drawing to decide the order of appearance in the Competition,
which is scheduled on 21 November, 2013. Failure to sign up by the time specified above will result in disqualification from the Competition.

Practice and Rehearsals

Any contestant who does not bring his/her own accompanist will be provided with an official accompanist by the Organizing Committee and will have an opportunity to rehearse with the assigned accompanist, free of charge, for a ninety-minute session before each stage. Each finalist will be given two appointments to rehearse with the orchestra before the Final Stage. Schedule and duration of the dress rehearsal on the final stage day will be determined by the Conductor.

First and Second stage
Recital Hall (Icho Hall)
Final stage
Main Hall


The order of appearance will be decided by a drawing by the Organizing Committee on the day before the first stage.
On the day of appearance, each contestant must arrive at the Secretariat office located in the concert hall by the specified time. However, should the contestant be delayed for his/her appearance in the case of unavoidable circumstances, the Organizing Committee may allow the latecomer to perform, depending on a progress of the Competition at Committee’s discretion. Although the contestants are not required to perform from memory, using a score will influence the jury’s decision.
All stages of the Competition will be open to public.


Judgment will be comprised of 7 jury members of international prominence.
The jury members must report to the Judging Committee if any contestant (s) has been his/her own students for more than three months within the past two years. All decisions made by the Jury will be final and will not be subject to any appeal.

Contestants must not communicate with the jury members any time after the first stage has started until the Competition is finished. Any contestant who fails to comply with this rule will be disqualified and, likewise, should jury members communicate with any of contestants, his/her status in the Competition will be compromised.


First Prize
1,500,000 Japanese Yen, Diploma, Gold Medal
Second Prize
800,000 Japanese Yen, Diploma, Silver Medal
Third Prize
500,000 Japanese Yen, Diploma, Bronze Medal

In the case of a tie, the amount of the prize and that of the following prize in ranking, will be added up and equally shared.
Taxes will be deducted from all awards according to Japanese tax laws.

Best Performer of the Gaspar Cassado’s Work
500,000 Japanese Yen
Audience Award
200,000 Japanese Yen

Additional awards may be offered by corporations and individuals that contribute to the Competition.

Performing Rights

The Organizing Committee has the right to televise, broadcast, film, DVD, CD or photograph any performance in the Competition without any compensation. As well, the Organizer has the right to produce and distribute recordings of any performance, either in part or whole, in the Competition without any limitation or payments arising out of those materials.

CD Release

The Organizing Committee will release a live-recording Competition CD.

Contract of Concert

The First Prize winner will be commissioned to perform in Japan until before the commencement of the next competition. The Organizing Committee will arrange the initial concert in which the First Prize winner will perform. The Organizing Committee will plan the details of scheduling while coordinating with the First Prize winner.
If the First Prize winner has a plan to appear in other competitions, he/she is required to notify the Organizing Committee immediately.

※This brochure is based on the Rules of "The Third Gaspar Cassado International Violoncello Competition" and any disputes regarding the rules and conditions contained in this brochure will be settled according to the Japanese text of the aforesaid rules and the Japanese laws.


Audition DVD
A recorded DVD of the applicant’s performance of two works selected from A to C below, one of which must include A.
  1. One of the followings
    Johan Sebastian Bach
    Prelude and Sarabande from the Unaccompanied
    No.4 E♭major
    No.5 c minor
    No.6 D major
  2. Franz Joseph Haydn
    1st movement from cello concerto in D major Hob.VIIb/2
    (Cadenza: contestant’s free choice)
  3. Franz Schubert
    1st movement (Allegro moderato) from the Sonata Arpeggione in a minor
First Stage
Contestants must perform one piece from each group A and B, in addition to C and D, in total of 4 pieces.
  1. One of the followings
    Johann Sebastian Bach
    Prelude and Sarabande from the Unaccompanied
    No.4 E♭ major
    No.5 c minor
    No.6 D major
    *Sarabande without repeats
    *It can be the same piece in the audition DVD
  2. One of the followings
    Ludwig van Beethoven
    Sonata No.3 in A major op.69 1st movement
     (Allegro ma non tanto)
    Sonata No.4 in C major op.102, No.1, 1st movement
     (Andante, Allegro vivace)
    * Without repeats
  3. Gaspar Cassado
    Dance of the Green Devil
  4. A work composed by Japanese
    (Solo cello, 4 to 5 minutes in length)
    The score will be sent to each qualified contestant together with an approval of entry qualifications.
Second Stage
The recital program is up to the contestant to choose. However, the list must include the Suite for cello solo by Gaspar Cassado (all three movements) and any cello pieces composed after the 20th Century for maximum 60 minutes in length.
The list can include works either unaccompanied cello or piano accompaniment. Excerpts from larger works may be performed. The repertoire must cover a sufficient range of styles. Programing can be a part of judgment.
Final Stage
One of the following concertos
Franz Joseph Haydn
Cello concerto in D major Hob. VIIb/2
Robert Schumann
Cello concerto in a minor op.129
Antonin Dovorak
Cello concerto in b minor op.104
Edward W. Elgar
Cello concerto in e minor op.85
Sergey Prokofiev
Sinfonia Concertante in e minor op.125
Dmitry Shostakovich
Cello concerto No.2 in G major op.126

Changes in the submitted repertoire of all stages will be permitted only in cases where the Secretariat is notified in writing (incl. fax and e-mail) no later than 15 September, 2013. No changes will be accepted after the closing date.

Guidance Download


First Stage
Second Stage
Final Stage
Award(s) Ceremony/Prize winner's Concert