Introduction of the Competition

"The Gaspar Cassado International Competition" is named after one the greatest cellists in the 20th century, Gaspar Cassado (1897-1966). The 1st competition was founded in 1969 in Florence, Italy by the late Chieko Hara (1914-2001), Cassado's wife and also a pioneering Japanese pianist. The competition produced numerous international cellists such as Mischa Maisky, Noboru Kamimura and Kaeko Mukoyama.

Unfortunately the competition ended at its 10th holding due to Mrs. Hara's return to Japan by her ill-health. Even after her homecoming, Mrs. Hara kept a wish to revive the competition here in Japan, but passed away in 2001.
In keeping with her wish, voluntary Hachioji citizens established a preparatory meeting, and finally the competition was revived in November, 2006, after plots that stretched back 16 years.

"The Gaspar Cassado International Violoncello Competition in HACHIOJI", which was established, led and conducted by citizens, is extremely rare and unique competition even in the world.
The host organization "The Gaspar Cassado International Violoncello Competition Organizing Committee" is made up of NPO Cello Concert Community, City of Hachioji, Hachioji College Community & Culture Fureai Foundation and expert citizens.
NPO Cello Concert Community was set up by citizens to revive the competition.

As a "symbol of proud town" we hold "The Gaspar Cassado International Violoncello Competition" and strive to build the competition into "a competition that the citizens bring up" and "a gateway to success for young cellists" both in name and reality.


First Stage
Second Stage
Final Stage
Award(s) Ceremony/Prize winner's Concert